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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we're at 24 willie mays plaza. the giants were beaten by the dodgers 2-1. and this is a ball game that came down to really one pitch to matt kemp in the eighth inning. now, if this pitch had ended up being what you would have expected, a swinging strike three and a changeup in the
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dirt, then lincecum might have gone back in the ninth. here's what happened on this two-out, two-strike pitch. >> mike: a swing and bunt. this is a bad break. >> jon: stole second. >> mike: and it was so close. he could have been called out. it was that close. >> jon: and this was the base hit by juan rivera. just a ground ball, but right past lincecum. and that was the tying run, the only run the dodgers got against lincecum. if they don't get that run, if he swings and pitches, which is what usually happens when a ball is about to bounce in front of the plate, lincecum is ahead 1-0 and well we might have been talking about kershaw's tough night, who, by virtue of an error and an unearned run gets the win. lincecum is going after eight. and the dodgers scratch out another run on a fielder's choice backhanded at second where a wild pitch ended up being a key play in the ninth inning. >> mike: what's the old saying?
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if it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all. that's kind of how you felt watching tim lincecum. the pitching tonight here was brilliant. both guys refusing to give in. inevitably, it was a bad break that allowed the giants to go up ahead of the dodgers in the first inning 1-0. and it was a bad break that allowed the dodgers to tie it. of course, very close play in the ninth inning when the dodgers got the go-ahead run. when you watched what these two guys did, you figured it would be a game like this, but what you didn't figure is how the runs were going to be on the board. for tim lincecum, i have to believe he's feeling he's snakebit because of what happened to him, his lack of run support. it does wear on you. i didn't see any sense of that in him tonight. he struggled early with his fastball command. locked in in about the third inning and then it was beautiful
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to watch. got it done with an assortment of pitches. the guy is competitive. to me, i look forward to his day of pitching every fifth day. i can't explain how you come up to lincecum after the game and say great job. he's tired of hearing it. you throw as well as he's thrown and you have so little to show for it, it's frustrating. he'll never, ever admit to that, but it's the way it is >> jon: 15 of his games, giants scored one run or no runs. for kershaw, he may well end up being the cy young award winner and he deserves it from what we saw tonight. now 3-0 against the giants -- against lincecum and 4-0 against the giants overall. great night for kershaw. so that does it. the giants, losing to l.a. they're now 8 1/2 out with only 18 to play. the extraordinary long shot for
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sure and the best in the west. for more on tonight's game, tune in to sports net central on comcast sports net. tune in tomorrow for game two of the series. we'll be back with you onn the gi
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>> again, people losing their cool. >> they sure were. any crouch reporting from southern california. as for what's happening around here, wow. >> lightning storm. let's bring in jeff ranieri. why are we get thing lightning? >> we have been forecasting this for about five days now. at least a chance of thunderstorms coming into the bay area. it's so hard to forecast down to the minute, because what's happening is we're getting some moisture feeding up well from arizona at this point. so it's subtropical moisture. that's why it also feels humid out there. so for about 6:30 till 9:00, we had this subtropical moisture
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feeding in across the east bay and the thunderstorm was strong enough to continue to hold its strength throughout san jose and also into parts of the peninsula. the biggest focus is across mt. diablo. 70 to 100 lightning streaks and likely set this fire off here, which is about 60 acres at this point. the thing that we're concerned about this weekend is we will have more isolated thunderstorms and more lightning strikes and windy conditions and all of that combined together could bring us more wildfires. so right now is the worst over? it is at this point. just a few scattered showers across san jose and also across the santa cruz mountains. we should be quiet overnight. but tomorrow as things heat up, we're looking once again at some of this moisture feeding up from arizona right back into the bay area. so going to stay humid with that chance of scattered
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thunderstorms. with that said, we have a red flag fire warning for the entire bay area throughout the weekend, especially in and throughout the hill where is the winds could gust upwards of 20 miles per hour. right now temperatures are cooling off into the 60s. over the weekend, we'll find that chance of thunderstorms lingering and also still saying pretty warm to hot in the valleys with 80s to near 90 degrees. more on not only tonight's forecast but more on tomorrow coming up, a lot more weather coming up. >> we'll check in with you in a bit. still ahead tonight, one of the most famous pilots in history started her last journey right here in the bay area. still ahead, the newly found amelia airhard treasures on the auction block. >> and more changes withyahoo.y. they could have been merging with another internet giant.
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more big news possibly out
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of sunnyvale. step one, tire the ceo. but what's step two for yahoo!? yahoo! might strike a deal with aol, american online. "the washington post" confirming tonight that both companies are in talks. however, neither company is commenting. yahoo! fired its ceo carol barts via telephone on tuesday. lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on a bill that could cost california $200 million in extra tax revenue. the bill is ab-155, it could force online retailers to collect sales taxes. a compromise between lawmakers, and retailers would put a hold on tax collections for at least a year. the delay would give amazon and other retailers time to lobby congress for national rules regarding online taxes. our coverage of the san bruno explosion continues. still ahead, survivors tell us
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what they wish they had known before the blast destroyed their possessions. >> and we hear from the city manager from san bruno andr jobd r b vehabeen changed forever. back in a moment. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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welcome back. we're on a little early tonight because of the giants game and we've been focusing on the recovery in san bruno. people in san bruno thought it might have been an earthquake or a plane crash, but one year ago tonight at 6:11 p.m., it was a gas line that exploded which set off a chain of events that will haunt survivors for years. >> today, a ceremony marked a day to honor those lost. here is our story from san bruno. >> reporter: one year after this, a walking tour to remember the eight victims killed when a pipeline explosion devastated
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this san bruno neighborhood. today, each victim was honored with a single yellow rose. nellie bishop lives in this blue house. she says the one-year anniversary reminds her how lucky she was to survive that terrifying night. >> everybody is running down the hill. it looked like a war zone. these pieces of asphalt kept coming and hitting like grenades. >> reporter: one year later, she never expected to see so many empty lots. >> if you stop and think that today is a year and there's only a handful of houses being built. so it's mind blowing to us that it isn't done faster. >> reporter: the o'neal family chose not to rebuild. the memories are too painful. the scars too real. >> this one is still gnarly and looks knotted. >> reporter: for this and many other families, one year later
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the healing is just beginning. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> the deadly explosion put san bruno on the map for all the wrong reasons, but so much more defines this city. >> it's a quiet and hardworking community. the blast may have changed the city, but it didn't wipe out its spirit. >> reporter: as the fog rolls over the san bruno hills and the wind picks up in the glenview neighborhood, so does the rebuilding process. >> it's exciting to see the houses taking form. >> reporter: it's a neiborhood connie jackson knows well. she visits it at least once a week and she's done so sense the night that changed forever. >> i was at city hall meeting with a couple of my staff and we heard the explosion.
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>> reporter: she saw the sky high flames that leveled dozens of homes, charred cars and took innocent lives. >> it was mass confusion and chaos in the first moments. >> reporter: the infa mouls pipeline explosion also meant connie's role as city manager would never quite be the same. her days are now consumed with keeping up with pg&e and keeping in touch with the neighborhood. >> it's been a tough year for the families and the community as a whole. >> reporter: today, a quite calm lingers here and a teddy bear hangs in loving memory. inside city hall, another touching tribute. >> our prayers and thoughts are with you. >> reporter: homemade cards made by schoolchildren are on display even a year later. >> this is a small sampling of how this community has come together and demonstrated its
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strength. >> reporter: that sense of strength and community is evident in these black and whites. this is san bruno in the 1920s. about 30 years before the glenview neighborhood was born. hammers and hard work built the community then and it's apparent the same combination is proving successful again. >> this house right over here was the location of our first ground breaking. >> reporter: currently several homes are being built and the city is reviewing plans for another handful. >> i think a sense of optimism that's emerging. i like the sign over here, the graves are coming back and building green. >> reporter: but not every family affected by the family is coming back. the explosion damaged just over 100 homes, including the 38 that were destroyed. you can see some are still under repair today. jackson says six homeowners have chosen not to return. >> i think it's going to be a long time until we're back to
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where we were before. >> reporter: considering san bruno's slogan is the city with a heart. there's little doubt it will make a comeback in due time. >> i think san bruno will be stronger than ever. >> we can recall this time last year many of the san francisco giants were affected. pablo sandoval and andres torres were san bruno residents and dusty baker still owns a home there. dozens of the san bruno residents are planning on suing pg&e for negligence. our coverage continues later tonight on our 11:00 news cast and online, now to business news. "the l.a. times" reports that bank of america is planning to cut 40,000 jobs nationwide and it will hit california hard. the country's largest bank is preparing to slash consumer banking operations, taking a heavy toll on branches, loan centers and other offices
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throughout california. they have 45,000 employees in the state. about 1 in 6 of its nearly 300,000 person workforce is in california. the cuts are expected to happen over the next several years. president obama promised to sell his $450 billion jobs plan to the american public and started today in richmond, virginia. this trip is part of a months long sales job to congress to pass the plan and put americans back to work. jennifer johnson shows us how the president is hoping to woo lawmakers with the american public on his side. >> reporter: president obama is already on the road. today in richmond, pitching his $450 billion jobs plan and asking americans to push lawmakers to get it passed. the proposal goes to congress next week. >> i want you to tell your congress person the time for gridlock and games is over. the time for action is now. the time to create jobs is now. pass this bill.
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>> reporter: the plan extends the payroll tax cut. gives tax credits for companies that hire unemployed workers and could create millions of jobs by upgrading roads, bridges and school buildings. steve case serves on the president's job council. >> there's a lot of focus on small business and the role entrepreneurs play, which is the best way to build sustainable jobs. >> reporter: republicans say there is room for compromise. >> i would ask the president would he accept and go along and support the effort to try and make progress on those things we can agree on and set aside the differences. >> reporter: democrats said plans by republicans so far haven't worked. >> what i do know the ideas that have been put forward have not created one job. >> reporter: with unemployment over 9%, americans in richmond and beyond are eager for change.
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jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. still to come, a promising career cut short. police looking into the suspicious death of a popular golfer. she was one of the best in the bay area. plus, a major bay area freeway closed at this hour. we'll yoldsh touid avo. 1hen e d ouidshvo. a01 1ld hey!
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now, in the car's auction house in oakland, it has come to life. >> we have a lot of photographs from 1937 from her first attempt at circumnavigation of the globe. >> reporter: 18 unseen photographs were discovered of earhart. they have belonged to the woman's mother, who had been inspired to fly by earhart. >> she came across all these amelia earhart photographs that she can remember looking at when she was wrong. amelia earhart getting a haircut before she went on her flight. >> reporter: the real treasure is a pair of earhart's broken aviator goggles of her early days. >> reportedly they're from 1921 when she crashed. >> reporter: the collection goes up for auction the weekend. the goggles are expected to
10:43 pm
fetch between $10,000 to $30,000. >> she's still an enigma. she was one of the early pioneers in aviation, she was a woman and her disappearing on that flight has created a mystery about her. it's one of those stories that never ends. >> reporter: it's almost fitting the items are being auctioned in oakland. she began her 1937 trip from oakland airport. now nearly 75 years later, the small details of her life still inspire the spirit of adventure. joe rosatto jr., nbc bay area news. >> and it's in our backyard. >> and in our backyard, lightning all night. >> and a lot of it. >> and for the record, at 6:00, jeff ranieri said there's this thing of weather heading towards livermore. >> and they were like, oh, wait, it's rain and lightning. ind ywd
10:44 pm
6:00 shows and look at this. lightning right there in and -e cloud there is from campbell. we heard from a lot of you on facebook and we want to hear from you again tonight. we're on until 11:30. we're going to talk more about this rain and what it means for the weekend and if we have more thunderstorms coming up. -
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10:46 pm
we'll be honest here, it caught many of us off guard, but we should have paid close attention to jeff. >> and we can see more lightning this weekend he says. >> that's right. this source of the thunderstorms that we had tonight, it's moisture rich and coming back here from arizona and the four corners. it's monsoonal in nature, the subtropical characteristics that could funnel in, more thunderstorms here in the bay area throughout saturday,
10:47 pm
sunday, maybe even early monday. but it's going to be hit and miss. the radar definitely lit up. not too much left right now. i think we'll be quiet for six to eight hours. tomorrow, when things start to heat up, we have moisture in the mid levels. more thunderstorms firing off. this is the peak of things tonight. you know, across mt. diablo, it's very impressive, at least for california standards, anywhere from 70 to 100 lightning strikes. firefighters are out here working to battle this fire near north gate road, just outsidewall nut creek. not too many residents in that area. if you're around this, you definitely want to be following this closely as we continue throughout the weekend. let's get you into the red flag fire warning through the weekend. scattered thunderstorms and we're under a red flag fire warning for the entire bay area
10:48 pm
as my computer gets caught up with me. not only for the hills but for the low elevations of the east and for the south bay. as for tomorrow's highs, topping out at 86 in los gatos. 84 in napa and 79 in san rafael. on your seven-day forecast, a chance of thunderstorms here throughout saturday, sunday, maybe even into early monday, as well. and then temperatures in the mid 80s. for this weekend, increasing chance of isolated thunderstorms. more coming up right here. >> jeff, see you in a few minutes. still ahead, new details about that fbi at solyndra. >> and the woman accused of killing michelle le goes before a judge. >> and how security hasha ngin new york c in new yitory cy and here since 9/11. back in a moment. ♪
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>> >> mirnl michelle > today, the woman who police say is responsible for murdering michelle le faced a judge for the first time. >> tracy grant brings us the latest on this case that's filled with twists and turns. >> reporter: cloud in a red prison jump suit, deputies escorted 27-year-old giselle esteban into a courtroom.
10:51 pm
the union city woman was 26-year-old michelle le's classmate and is now arraigned for her disappearance and murder. she declined to have the judge read her the list of charges in front of a courtroom in front of le's friends and relatives. >> i'm sorry, we can't comment on giselle. >> reporter: police say dna evidence, video and cell phone records prove giselle esteban killed eed le and disposed of h boyfriend. her former boyfriend refused to answer questions today. he got a restraining order taken out on giselle esteban a few days before le disappeared. she was supposed to be arraigned yesterday but sent to a doctor
10:52 pm
because of a medical condition related to her pregnancy. >> we can't -- we don't want to say anything sensitive to the case. our focus is still to bring her home. >> reporter: le's family is asking volunteers to participate in another search party on september 17th to find her body. tracy grant, nbc bay area news. fremont police have a mystery on their hands. they are trying to figure out what killed a former cal golfer, who was once considered a rising star. damian trujillo has the story. >> reporter: police say they found kwan's body near her car monday night. any visible signs of the cause of death, do we know the cause of death? >> the autopsy report is not complete nor conclusive at this report. >> reporter: investigators won't release more information pending toxicology reports, not even to say if they believe there is a killer on the loose. >> at this point we don't know if it's a homicide, if it's an
10:53 pm
accident, if it's suicide. we just don't know at this point. >> reporter: diane kwan was a star student and golfer at kennedy high school. >> wow, that's scary. >> reporter: at least one student athlete hadn't heard the news and was stunned to hear what happened. >> that's scary. yeah. i hope they find the person who did it. that's sad. >> reporter: kwan spent two years on the bears' golf team. other students are also in disbelief. >> it's ashame to lose her, i would say. just from the photo i think she is goal oriented. being an athlete is not easy. >> reporter: she was 21 years old. now police are trying to piece together how and why she died. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. we have breaking news to bring you now. we have a hostage situation at
10:54 pm
the oakland emeryville border at the office depot store. police are shutting down streets near that office depot store. this is at the 580-880 intersection near the best buy. police are shutting off the surrounding streets. there's a standoff inside the store. we're being told employees are being held by one person, a woman was allowed to leave just before 10:00. so this has been happening for the last 45 minutes. two more employees, a man and woman, were released right after 10:00. one woman now remains inside with an armed suspect. so once again, that area near the office depot at the 580-880 interchange, streets are now being closed. this is a breaking news hostage situation. we'll continue to follow the story in just a few minutes with more developments. tonight, maui police say a prominent local attorney suffocated to death.
10:55 pm
her boyfriend is the prime suspect in her death. her body was bound at the base of a cliff on september 1st. she was the deputy city attorney for santa cruz. police in hawaii say her boyfriend, gerard galaway, threw castman off the cliff. witnesses say the couple had been fighting prior to the fall. galaway also jumped when police approached him, but he survived and is in custody on suspicion of murder. federal agents searched the homes of three solyndra executives this week, this on top of the raid at the headquarters in free month yesterday. the raid and questioning are part of an investigation by the department of emergency. the d.o.e. gave them more than $500 million in loans before the solar maker filed for bankruptcy. the loans are also the subject of a probe by the house energy and commerce committee.
10:56 pm
agents questioned the ceo on thursday and had questions for the company co-founder kelly truman and former ceo. the search is on for a napa county mother accused of kidnapping her own teenage son from high school. officers are looking for the two driving in a car with this license plate number. they say they could be headed to southern california on highway 101. the chp has issued a be on the lookout alert. they were last seen pulling away from st. helena high school where she took her son this afternoon. the boy's father has custody of the child and did not consent to having the 14-year-old boy removed from school. major traffic warning here. if you're driving on 101 tonight and through the weekend in south san jose, be epared. highway 101 will be closed in both directions. here's the map. this is south san jose at tully road for caltrans work replacing
10:57 pm
the 50-year-old interchange. all lanes of the freeway will be shut down. the closure begins tonight in about 30 minutes, 11:30 to be exact. the road reopens tomorrow morning at 5:30. it will also be closed overnight saturday and sunday. detours in the area will be clearly marked. but you might want to avoid it all together if you can. to some business news. the tablet market has so far been a one device town but we found a company not trying to copy the apple ipad. instead, it's going in a different direction. tech and business reporter scott budman checked out the new sony device and has this review. >> reporter: the first thing you notice about the new sony s is its shape. not a flat design like most tablets. this one feels kind of like you're holding a book. pretty good actually. the performance is good, too. but a plasticy texture makes the
10:58 pm
screen feel less smooth and susceptible to fingerprints. sony is known for content and easy to stream here. also because it's on the android platform, you can get flash videos. good sound, front and rear cameras and will work as a remote control with sony dvd players and tvs. $500 for the 16 gig version. $600 for 32 gigs of storage. scott bud man, nbc bay area news. we are following several breaking news stories tonight. first one, lightning caused wildfires in the east bay. several fires burning on mt. diablo. good evening again. i'm janel wang in for jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we're on a little early because of the giants game. we started around 10:00 and we're continuing now through 11:00. but we're learning now about this place standoff at the
10:59 pm
oakland emeryville border. at an office depot store. four people were hostages in the situation. three have been released. one person remains inside with an armed gunman here. this is the office depot in emeryville. we have a crew on the way. >> if you're in the area, please avoid it and we'll be following this. to more breaking news. thunderstorms, 70 to 100 lightning strikes hit the bay area tonight, starting several wildfires. at least three burning right now. let's get over to jeff ranieri for the latest. >> that's right. just learning from cal fire from their twitter feed that there's six lightning sparked fires right now burning in alameda and contra costa county. what i want to show you for a lot of you that unrwentde these thunderstorms tonight is what's happening right now. let's look at thein radar. we still have activity across


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